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CUBE would like to invite you to the opening event of JUNEBUM PARK: To Let and CUBELab: Julia Münz & Annika Unterburg - Seedbank for Treehouses from 6-9pm on Thursday 1st September.


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image courtesy of artist


Junebum Park is an artist based in Korea. Through a clever shift of perspective, Junebum transforms the most ordinary of environments into extraordinary scenes in which the artist’s hands interfere with the forces and currents in a way that is both comic and timely.

The artist has reflectively made work directly to his experiences in Manchester, which living out of a suitcase! has continued his research into personal feelings in differing living urban conditions across the world.

The artist has been commissioned by CUBE to develop new work for an exhibition in its main gallery, opening on the 2nd September and running until the 5th October. This commission will act as a world premiere.


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